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This Web Site is dedicated to the teaching of Godís Word, the Bible, because Jesus said that man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word of God.

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1.Devotional Writings (Commentary) on the Old Testament By Rick Creech


2.Devotional Writings (Commentary) on the New Testament By Rick Creech


3.New Testament Bible Church of Wakulla County, FL


4.The Difference Between the Old Testament and the New Testament


5.Print Gospel Tracts(Imprimer les Tracts)


6.A Womanís Place (According to the Bible.)


7.Divorce (According to the Bible.)


8.Why you should use the King James Version of the Bible


9.Why use the King James?-Short Answer


10.Godís Plan of Salvation


11.What Happens When a Christian Sins?


12.To Tithe or Not To Tithe


13.Conception and Abortion As Seen From Jeremiah Chapter One, and Some Words About Contraception


14.Should Christian Parents Spank Their Children?


15. Bible Studies From God's Word By Bruce Creech


16.††† God Is Love By David Creech


17.†† Word Studies And Messages By Michael Creech


18.Poem Of Creation


19.†† Creation Or Evolution?


20.Poems By Mrs. McCormack


21.The KKK and Amos 3:3


22.Roberta Armsbury Reading the 23rd Psalm



New Testament Bible Church of Wakulla County

New Testament Bible Church

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