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Psalms 94:13, “That thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit be digged for the wicked.” The previous verse in Psalms mentioned being taught by God out of the law. There are many benefits to doing what is right one of them is, “rest from the days of adversity, until the pit be digged for the wicked.”

         Rest is a wonderful thing to have. Wicked people often fight and argue with one another. Wicked people often live their lives bitter against other people when they feel wronged or do not get what they want. Wicked people often worry about all the lies they have told and sins they have done and whether or not they past will come to haunt them. Wicked people are always at war with God and His truth. There is no rest for the wicked.

But those who obtain the righteousness of the law by trusting in Jesus Christ find great rest because all their sins are forgiven. They also find rest through the Word of God because there is great wisdom in God’s Word. There is great practical wisdom on how to live life and to treat other human beings properly in any given situation which itself results great quietness in your life where there would be conflict. How happy indeed are those who follow after God’s standard of righteousness instead of their own.

Psalms 94:14-15, “For the LORD will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance.”

This verse is teaching something very important. When it says cast off and forsake it is saying the same thing. Both are ways of emphasizing the faithfulness of God in keeping His promises. Because salvation is based on the grace of God and not on our own righteous works one saved always saved.

There are many good verses in the Bible both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament which teach the eternal security of the believer.

Jesus said in John 6:37, “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

To say that a person can lose their salvation is to say that salvation is based on your works. Salvation is not based on what you have done or will do but it is based on what Jesus has done for you. Once you come to Jesus you are part of God’s inheritance, you are one of God’s beloved children. 

Even if a person decided they didn’t want to be saved anymore, even if a person decided to run away from got and commit all the horrible sins that they could God still would not cast you off or forsake you. He would not forsake you because Jesus died for you.

A person cannot give up their own salvation. That itself would mean that salvation is based on your works and it is not. A person cannot lose their salvation by sinning, no matter how terrible the sin.

How important it is to understand the difference between law and grace. The law says do this and do it perfectly without failure. But grace says this is righteousness given freely through Christ.

There are many false teachings when it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the worst ones has to do with works salvation. Works salvation comes in many forms. Some people say yes you must believe in Jesus but you must also keep the law. Some people say yes salvation is of grace but you can give up your own salvation. Some people say you must be baptized with water to be saved.  But all these teachings are wrong.

If you can lose your salvation or give up your salvation then salvation is not of grace but it is of works.

Some of the great verses that make it clear that salvation is not of works but of grace are found in Titus 3:5-7, “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

These verses begin by saying not by works of righteousness. The reason it is not by works of righteousness is because a person would have to never sin in their life. Once you have sinned just one time then you have failed to keep the law and failed to obtain righteousness through the law. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The only person who has never sinned and who has perfectly kept all of the law is Jesus. Everyone else is a sinner. Therefore not by works of righteousness.

The sooner you realize that you can never lose your salvation, the sooner you understand that it truly is grace through faith and not by works of righteousness the better off you will be.

So much stronger will your faith in God once you understand that He will never cast you off or forsake. How much greater will be your confidence and your ability to serve God. And how much more you will come to appreciate the depth of God’s love and the eternal power of His forgiveness.

There is great peace, comfort, and confidence in eternal security. Eternal security does not cause a person to go out and sin or to say shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? But a person who truly understands eternal security is a person who realizes just how great is God’s love for them and just how great is the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

The love of Jesus is so great, the forgiveness of Jesus so vast that we who understand that God will never cast us off or forsake us, we do not want to sin. We do everything in our power to try not to sin.

Psalms 94:15, “But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it.”

         The judgment of God always results in righteousness. And the result of that is that a person who wants to do what is right will accept the judgment of God as good and righteous.

         When Jesus Christ died on the cross God judged Him for our sins. Everyone who believes in Jesus, as a result of that judgment, receives the righteousness of God.     

Psalms 94:15, “But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it.”

This verse explains some very important things for us. It tells us one of the reasons God judges and it also tells us ultimately why a person chooses or does not choose to follow Christ.

         But judgment shall return unto righteousness. God is holy. God loves righteousness. God is in the business of making righting every wrong. This is why Jesus died for the sins of the world. And this is why those who reject Jesus are choosing to go to hell where they will suffer the judgment of God. Everyone must face the judgment of God either at the cross of Calvary or in hell.

Galatians 2:20 says, “I am crucified with Christ:” A person who believes in Jesus is crucified with Christ. In other words once you come to know Jesus as Savior you are so closely identified with the righteousness of Christ, with His life, and with His death, that when God judged Jesus it is as if He judged you. When Jesus was punished for your sins God sees that as you having been punished. Therefore the wrath of God is satisfied.

These last several verses of Psalms 94 are teaching some great truths about salvation. They mention the rest we have in Christ, the eternal security we have in Christ, once saved always saved, and they explain how powerful the righteousness of Christ is.

How important it is to be saved from your sins. There is nothing more important than your eternal destiny. But once you are saved how important it is to learn everything you can about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about your own salvation.

That is why studying the Bible and preaching Bible verse by verse, book by book can be so beneficial. There is so much to learn about God, about following God, and especially about the gospel itself in every book of the Bible. How many people have ever even heard this verse in the Bible preached? Psalms 94:15, “But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it.”

This is a very important gospel verse. Knowing the gospel and knowing it well means knowing and understanding the difference between law and grace. It means knowing just how deep the love of God is. It means fully realizing the power and the extent of God’s forgiveness. Knowing the gospel means understand what God has done for us in the past on the Cross, What God is doing for us now through the Holy Spirit, and what God is going to do in the future in heaven when He fulfills His promises to us.

But judgment shall return unto righteousness. The judgment of God results in righteousness.

Psalms 94:16, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”

One of the God ordained purposes of government is to punish evil doers. The stronger a governments laws are against sin and the more fair a governments judges are against evil doers the better that society will be. But governments do not always punish evil doers. For example, though just about every government in the world will have some sort of law against murder. They may not have a law against murdering unborn children. Though just about every government in the world will have some sort of law against stealing, do they have laws against lying or slandering or cursing, or verbally abusing someone? Yes God loves freedom. We have the freedom to choose right or wrong. We have the freedom to choose but we do not have the right to do what is wrong. You can choose to kill someone or not but you do not have the right to do so. You can choose to lie, to slander and to abuse someone verbally, to try and murder them with your words and you can call that free speed but you do not have the right to do that.

Actually most governments in the world that make laws concerning speech or free speech make laws actually opposing free speech and primarily opposing people form speaking the truth about Jesus Christ.  God has laws against lying, against, slandering, against attempting to murder someone with your words. Shouldn’t man have laws against it. Speech is just one example. There are many other examples of laws that should and should be made

But talking about free speech the USA was once the great example of free speech. But oh how this country has changed. If you study carefully how the liberals, the progressives, the socialists, and yes the democrats act and think you will realize how terribly they abuse their power of free speech.

The government may not have laws against it but God does have laws against lying, slandering, distorting the truth, hiding the truth, telling fables, murdering people with your words, trying to promote hatred and violence and rebellion through your words. These are all terrible sins. And God will judge people for them.

You see in America you can publicly protest against the right of unborn babies to live. You can call it the mother’s right and ignore the fact that baby is alive.

If you take a living baby and put it in sack or a bag or a container it will still be a living human. That is what the womb is a container to keep the baby safe until that baby is physically developed enough to be in the world.

You see in America people can publicly protest their right to be sexually immoral. They can get signs and march in the streets. They can publicly say lies about their leaders. They can get signs and march in the streets. They call it protesting but it is really lying and rebelling.

There have been many many cases in America where Christians have exercised their right of freedom of speech to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they have been either arrested or put in mental institutions being accused of such things as public disturbance and disorderly conduct and other false charges.

Yes even here in America where supposedly there is freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the wicked can do wickedly, promoting the murder of babies, promoting sexual abominations, promoting all kinds of lies against freedom and against a persons character, and the righteous can go to jail and to the mental ward for publicly disturbing the peace and for disorderly conduct and other various criminal acts

Most countries have very bad laws when it comes to right and wrong concerning the use of the tongue.

You see don’t look to government for justice or for redemption or for being the one that will rise up against the evil doers for you. It is God that will rise up. He will rise up for those that trust in Him.

Psalms 94:17, “Unless the LORD had been m help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.” What does it mean to dwell in silence? When we think of silence we think of a lack of sound, a lack of noise, a person not speaking. Now if we are talking about what we were just talking about with people abusing their freedom of speech, their God given power of the tongue then silence is a good thing isn’t it?

    But in this verse it is not saying that silence is good. To understand the meaning of the word that is here translated silence lets look at another verse where it is used. Psalms 115:17, “The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence.”

Silence here is referring to death. To dwell in silence means to be dead. A person who is dead does nothing. They do not eat, they do not work, and they certainly do not speak or make noise.

If we think more about these two verses that describe death as being in silence and if we consider the phrase give in the one verse, “The dead praise not the LORD,” then we will realize one of the reasons that God gave us the power of speech so that we will praise God. To praise God means to say things that are true about God. It means to give Him glory to give Him credit for the wonderful things that He does.

Yes human beings are right to want free speech, another way of saying it is to say there is a certain individual power in the tongue. That is a God given right. But the purpose of that power is not suppose to be to lie or to slander other people or to try to murder and destroy their reputation and murder and destroy other peoples opinions and impressions of that person. The purpose of free speech is to praise God.

There are many people in the world when they speak of Jesus they only use His name as a curse word. Or when they talk the works of God they only accuse Him of being unjust in His judgments against sin. By doing this they are in effect lying. They are in affect trying to murder God’s reputation with their tongue. You can tell what goes on in a person’s heart towards Jesus very easily just by how they use His name.

There many people who use the power of the tongue to oppose moral ideas and conservative ideas and even Christian principles.

What they do is they use the same methods and philosophies that Adolf Hitler and the communists use. 1. Adolf Hitler said if you tell a lie and you tell it often enough people will believe you. 2. The one of the Philosophies of communists for the purpose of gaining power and control is to divide people by race. 

So this is what happens in the United States. People who are very immoral and who are very much against true Christianity, true Christianity being the basis for true conservatism, what they do is they abuse their power of free speech and their power of the tongue. What they will say about a person that they are apposed to is things like this person is a racist. Or this person does not follow or believe the constitution. Or they will make general negative statement about a person. Such as they will say things like this person is like Hitler. Or this person’s ideas are a danger to society. Or they will say this person is prejudice against people of other religions. They know if they say lies like this about someone  over and over and over that many people will start to believe them. Of course they say many other lies too such as we don’t want to take away your freedom but we want to give you free services provided by the government. This actually itself is communism. What they do not understand is if the government is providing the serve then the government has the authority to decide. The government has the control. For example there is no such as public education. Its not free education for kids. Tax payer dollars pay for it. Not only is it not free but the word public is a misleading word. It is really government controlled education. Not public education. The government decides. They decide what your kids learn not you. That is not freedom.

But the point is God wants us to use our tongue to say things that are true to say things that are good especially about Him. You will accomplish a lot more in life if you spend your time and your energy and your mental power trying to figure out how to influence people to think about God and His wonderful promises and the many great and gracious things He has done. Things such as giving us the eternal love of Jesus and forgiveness of sins through His blood. These kinds of things will change peoples lives. And redeem them from their terrible circumstances in lives. And set them on a path to seeking wisdom and truth and to living a productive life.  To lie, and slander, and falsely accuse and to try and murder someone’s reputation will not build up a society or a nation or make it greater but it will tear it down and it will promote violence among men.

And this is exactly what we see happening today more and more in our society. It has gotten so bad that those who are very liberal and very opposed to Christianity and yes the liberals hate Christianity because Christianity is the basis for conservatism, but it has gotten so bad that many people abuse the power of their tongue also appose the frees speech of those they are in opposition too. They are not for freedom in other words.  They lie and deceive people into thinking that disagreeing with them is opposing their free speech. To disagree with someone is not an opposition to someone free speech.  But to lie about someone, to slander someone, to murder someone’s reputation is an attempt to oppose someone free speech.

Another example has to do with morality. When a person talks about the preciousness of human life or to be more specific the fact that an unborn baby is a living person they lie and say that you are opposed to women’s rights. People do not have the right to murder an other being.

Another example of their lies is when it comes to sexuality. God created sex for marriage between a man and a woman. Anything other than that is immoral and results in great harm to a person mentally, emotionally, and even physically from sexual diseases. But people are being brainwashed in our society into thinking that a person who is for sexual morality is somehow prejudice against those who are sexually immoral.

I looked up the word prejudice in the dictionary and the definition I got was this, “an opinion formed, especially an irrational one, without sufficient knowledge.”

Now any one who knows anything about sex knows that if a man and a woman only have sex with each other in marriage they will face the danger of sexual diseases or the many other dangers and destructive arms that come from having sex out of marriage. That right there is knowledge. Not prejudice.

The real truth is these people are prejudice against the truth. They don’t know the truth. They don’t even understand all the possible negative consequences of their actions and they are taught that believing the truth and teaching the truth is a form of prejudice. When people like this get in power they use their power to take away free speech and freedom if religion in anyway that they can.


Oh how evil are those that misuse the power of the tongue and that fail to spend their time praising God for giving us life and for giving us forgiveness of our sins through the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who use the power of the tongue to praise God will always accomplish much greater things in the lives of people than those who do not. They will accomplish things that will last forever. If you have never turned from your sins to Jesus then you can do so today.


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