Psalms 119:152

Psalms 119:152, ďPsa 119:152Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them for ever

This is a great verse on the teaching of the preservation of Godís Word. Itís not the first verse in Psalms 119 dealing with this issue. But the point is Godís Word God promises to preserve without error for all eternity.

There is not one book in the world to which the issue of inerrancy is more hotly debated than that of the Bible. Perhaps it is because the primary and most important teaching of the Bible is that man is a sinner headed to hell unless man repents of his sins to Jesus for salvation. This is not a popular message in the world. And there are many who will do anything they can to try and discredit the truth of the gospel.

Regarding the issue of the preservation of Godís Word there is a lot that could be said. But Iím going to make it very simple. There are many ways to prove that Godís Word, the Bible is without error and perfectly preserved from generation to generation.

One, The Bible itself makes the claim that it is without error and perfectly preserved. If this claim were false then what about the rest of the things the Bible says? How can they be counted to be true?Things such as the virgin birth of Jesus, the deity of Jesus, Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world, Jesus rising from the grave; so the bible makes a very great claim when it claims that it is founded for ever.

Two, the teachings of the Bible. If the Bible is true then the teachings of the Bible are true. This is easy to put to the test. For example letís just take the Ten Commandments and what they teach. The Bible teaches that we reap what we so. Therefore it is logical to say that if you do sinful actions you will reap bad consequences and if you do righteous actions you will reap good consequences. If the Bible is true every standard it has of right and wrong is also true. Test the facts for yourself. Try each action and you will quickly discover what the good or bad consequences are for your actions.

Three, archeological evidence. There are thousands of ancient codecies of the Bible dating back for thousands of years. If you took all these manuscripts or codecies as they are called and compared them to one another, it would be found that the vast majority of them agree with one another and do not differ.

††††††† So the Bible makes the claim it is preserved without error. History and archeology support this claim. And the truth of Biblical teachings support this claim as well. That is a lot of evidence. Of course in the end a person must choose to have faith in what God says. It really comes down to faith. God has give a lot of reasons and evidences to help you believe the truth. But ultimately you must choose for yourself to either believe or not believe what Godís Word says.

††††††† You see there would be one great problem if the Bible had errorís in it. The question would be what are the errors? The question would be what had been lost or changed? How would you even know for certainty the way of salvation if the Bible is not perfectly preserved without error?

††††††† But because we know and believe that the Bible is perfectly preserved without error we can read all the teachings on the gospel of Jesus Christ and know with certainty and full assurance that salvation is the free gift of God through grace and not of works lest any man should boast. We know the way to heaven and how to get there, through faith in Jesus Christ who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood when he hung upon the cross and died. And we can know with great joy and confidence that Jesus also rose from the grave defeating death. And all those whom put their trust in Him also inherit eternal life. For those who are planted together in the likeness of His death are also planted together in the likeness of His resurrection.

Psalms 119:53 says, ďPsa 119:153RESH. Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law.Ē

Life has its sufferings and sorrows and death. All pain and suffering and death entered into this world because of sin. It all began when Adam and Eve first sinned then sin entered the world and with sin came affliction and death. Fortunately God has a plan a plan of deliverance for all mankind. And Godís Word tells us what that plan is. Romans 11:26 says, ďThere shall come out of Sion the Deliverer.Ē

Jesus is the Deliverer who can and will deliver us from sin and suffering and death. Those who trust in Jesus are forgiven of their sins and freed from the power of sin. Those who trust in Jesus are also given eternal life in heaven. Heaven is the place where there will be no sin, no suffering, and no death. What great deliverance Jesus brings. He brings it because He is God. He brings it because Hedied on the cross for the sins of the world and rose from the grave defeating sin and death. The problem with your life is that you need deliverance. You need Jesus, the Deliverer.

Psalms 119:154 says, ďPsa 119:154Plead my cause, and deliver me: quicken me according to thy word.Ē

This verse continues to talk about deliverance and the Deliverer and it says something very important in the first phrase of the verse when it says, ďPlead my cause.Ē

This verse is talking about Jesus as the great mediator between God and man. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 says, ď1Ti 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; 1Ti 2:6Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.Ē

Jesus went to the cross, then the grave, then rose and ascended into heaven. And in heaven Jesus stands before the Father. Andfor those who trust in Jesus, Jesus points the Father to Himself and His righteousness in behalf of us who are nothing but sinners.

Jesus pleads for us. Jesus is the mediator, the go between. We donít come to the Father. We come to Jesus. We pray to Jesus. We worship Jesus. Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

What a blessing it is to know that Jesus pleads for us to the Father. He prays for us, He beseeches on our behalf, He represents us in His righteousness to the Father and thus we are accepted by the Father because of Jesus and His righteousness.

If all we had were are own works we would never make it. We would be declared guilty because of our sins. But those of us who trust in Jesus have the work of Christ on the cross and thus we are declared righteous not because of any good that we have done but because of what Jesus has done for us.

Jesus pleads for us. I wonder what He does. Perhaps shows the nail prints in His hands to the Father ever reminding God that He died for our sins. And we wonder why we receive so much mercy and grace in this life even in the times when we fail or wander away from God. Itís because of Jesus, because of what He did on the cross and because of what He does now as He pleads for us.

If only we were more like Jesus who pleads for us. If only we would plead to Jesus more in behalf of all the lost souls in the world.

And speaking of lost souls Psalms 119:115 says, ďPsa 119:155Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.Ē

Now we come to a verse which teaches us something important about salvation or you could say answers a question for us about what kind of people get saved?When I say what kind of people can be saved of course any one can be saved because Jesus died for all men, all men are sinners, and Jesus wants all men to be saved. But only a certain kind of people are saved. The kind of people that desire to do what is right.

Thatís what this verse is talking about. ďPsa 119:155Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.Ē Why is salvation far from the wicked. It says because they seek not thy statutes. Seeking Godís statues. This is a very important phrase. Itís not talking about a personís ability to do what is right. In other words itís not saying salvation by works because salvation comes by the grace of God. But itís talking about the desire a person has. A person who seekís Godís statues is a person who has a desire in them to do what is right.

There is not one person who comes to Jesus and accepts Him as savior who does not in their heart have the intention of doing what is right. That is why salvation always involves repentance from sin. A person hasnít truly accept Jesus as savior if they say they believe in him but have no intention of changing their sinful ways. Because repentance means a change of mind about, a change of direction from doing certain things, things that are sinful to saying, ĎI am going to try and do what is right.Ē

For example a liar will say to Jesus forgive me for lying its wrong and Iím going to try and with your help not lie anymore. This is the attitude and intention of a person who comes to Jesus for salvation.

In our age today we tend to be very focused on science and logic and history and archeology. And all of these things are well and good. But ultimately the arguments and logics and intellectualism used by people to rationalize why they donít believe in God or the Bible and why they donít accept Jesus savior, such arguments are really not the full truth of why a person rejects Jesus. The true reason is that such a person does not truly desire with all the heart to do what is right, to change the sinful ways in their life.

You see itís a spiritual condition not an intellectual condition. Arguments, and logics, science, and history all their place of course but ultimately its about choosing right or wrong. If you could see inside the heart and mind of every individual that rejects Jesus as Savior you would see what God sees, you would see that ultimately it is some sin or sins that they choose to not repent of. That sin may be something obvious like sexual immorality, or it may simple something less obvious like pride, the pride of their own ideas and thoughts that keeps them from coming to Jesus. Some people actually prefer to believe lies than to believe the truth. Whatever the reason, ultimately it is sin that keeps and their love for it that keeps them from Jesus.

ďPsa 119:155Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.Ē

There is nothing wrong with using history and archeology and science to reason with people because these things are tools of information that always agree with the bible when the facts are interpreted accurately. Such information can help a person to come to understand the truth. But ultimately a person has to see that they are a sinner and understand the sins that they have committed and have a desire to do what is right instead of doing what is wrong. This work is the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that comes to an individual and convicts them of their sins and shows that person that the Christ is real and did indeed die for their sins and that person at that moment of realization of the truth must make a choice to accept or reject Jesus as savior.

The reason it is important to understand these psychological processes that go on inside the mind of an individual is so that a Christian can be a more effective witness to the lost people in the world around them. It is very important to try and recognize when the Holy Spirit is working in the heart of an individual. It is also important to recognize is it time to plant the seed, to water the seed, or to reap what another person has planted. These things are key in knowing how to witness to a person as effectively as possible.

You canít force a person to be saved. Yes you can chip away at the stony hearts of men with the hammer of the word and you can try to sow seed in the soil of the heart. And you can pray that that seed will take root.

ďPsa 119:155Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.Ē

Why would the wicked see the statues of God in the first place? How does a person who loves sin and their sins reach a place in their lives where they suddenly desire to do what is right instead? God works in their hearts. God uses everything to try and bring a person to Christ and God especially uses the testimony of His children.

You see, sin doesnít satisfy. Sin doesnít bring that deep eternal peace and joy which defies all circumstance. Only the righteousness of God does. Knowing that all lost people are suffering in the thralls of sin what a Christian can do is be a testimonyand show the peace and the joy the love and the fulfillment that is found in Christ and through Christ and through the holiness of God. You see the world is going to learn very little if anything from Hollywood or from the other lost people in the world about them about the principle of reaping what you sow when it comes to sin and when it comes to righteousness.

Take romance for example, very few people in the world could even tell you what all the benefits of living a godly and pure life romantically and what are all the negative consequences of sexual immorality. When people see the contrast between the two, when an individual begins to understand the consequences of a particular action especially the contrast between the good consequences and the bad consequences such things can help put that desire in a person, the desire for righteousness and the desire for holiness.

Holiness has so much more pleasure and joy to it than does the pleasures of sin for a season. And what better way for a lost person to see such truths than through the testimony of a believer who lives a godly and righteous life through faith in Christ.

ďPsa 119:155Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.Ē

If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, come to Him today. Today is the day of salvation. Come experience the righteousness of God and all the blessings of having your sins forgiven and becoming a child of God: including eternal life and peace with God through Christ. There is no greater pleasure the pleasures of holiness. There is no greater peace than peace with God. There is no more certain of a future than that which God has promised to those that believe His Word.


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