Why use the King James?-Short Answer




God has spoken. He has spoken through His Word. God gave words for all of the world to know. God gave His words through a process called inspiration. These words were given in Hebrew and Greek originally and written down by the prophets. Of course, it would not have done much good for God to have given His words, and then to have not preserved them. Those of us who use the King James Version believe that God not only gave His words, but that He also preserved His words for all generations. Jesus said in Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” It also says in Psalm 100:5, “His truth endureth to all generations.” This means that the Hebrew texts and Greek texts that existed many hundreds of years ago when the King James Version was translated were the texts that God preserved. It does not make any sense that God would have allowed better manuscripts to be hidden away in caves or in ancient trash heaps only to be discovered two thousand years later. Any older manuscripts that were hidden away in caves or uncovered in some ancient dump site were the ones that were discarded and were obviously not preserved for every generation. The philosophy of modern theologians that they are going to find the mistakes in the Bible and keep giving us better and better translations leads to some people thinking that the Bible is not authoritative because it must still have some flaws that need to be uncovered.


It is more consistent with the teachings of Jesus to take one translation that has followed the best possible philosophy of translation and to stick with it. Since God gave the words and not just the ideas, it is best to have a translation method wherein the translators followed a word-by-word translation wherever possible. The King James Version fulfills this requirement. As Bible believers we know that the Bible does not change, and we do not need to have modern theologians tell us what corrections need to be made. By using the King James version of 1611 we are giving our testimony to the fact that God’s Word does not change. By using the King James Version of the Bible, we are using words that will still be the same 400 years from now.         






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