Adam and Eve



Information:The Biblical story of the relationship between Adam and Eve is found in Genesis 1:26-3:20.


Summary: The Bible says in Genesis 1:26 that God created mankind in His own image and that He created mankind to be male and female.In verse seven of chapter two Adam was created from the dust of the earth and shortly thereafter in verses 21-22 God made Adamís wife. When God created man both the woman and the man were adults, but they were ignorant and did not yet know anything about life or relationships of any kind. This however was not a hindrance to their relationship because at this point in time both were innocent, and perfect, they had not sinned yet and therefore did not have a sin nature. But after Eve and Adam were tempted by the serpent in chapter 3 verses 4-7, and failed in the temptation, their relationship with each other changed completely.


Evaluation:The relationship between Adam and Eve was a failure when they did not trust in God. Verse 26 of chapter 1 says that God made man in His own image and that He made man male and female. This passage of the Bible teaches the equality of man and woman. Marriage is a partnership. The man is not above the woman and the woman is not above the man but both have an authority over each other and a submission to each other, with both being under the supreme authority of God (I Cor. 11:11-12). It appears that the problem with Adam and Eveís relationship as recorded in Genesis is that they both failed to fulfill their responsibilities toward each other in their decisions to eat the fruit. The Bible says to flee temptation; this is the most sure way to avoid sinning. Eve obviously did not know this concept. But also in a marital relationship when any decision is made by one spouse it will inevitably effect the other spouse to a minor or major degree. When Satan tempted Eve she knew that it was against the commandment of God to eat the fruit. And she did not consult her husband for advice before making that disastrous decision. She did not rely upon her husband for advice and guidance but rather made a selfish decision thinking only of the lies which Satan promised. She thought of herself and what she would get out of eating the fruit. She was selfish. She should have asked God first, her husband second, and herself last. It is tempting to blame Adam and say that he should have been keeping closer watch of his wife to protect her, but unless Adam and Eve were aware of Satan, Adam had no reason to be concerned because they both lived in the paradise of God. Even so it was Adamís responsibility to watch over His wife. Adam, though, is just as guilty as Eve. Although she sinned first and tempted Adam, He also knew the commandment of God and it was a very poor decision on his part to eat the fruit. He was being selfish too. Common sense should have told him that his decision would not have helped his wife out any further. It is obvious that there is a lack of several important ingredients in a healthy relationship. The first ingredient would of course be to trust in God and put Him first. If Adam and Eve had done this neither would have eaten the fruit. The majority of problems in a marital relationship can be traced to selfishness. In Adam and Eveís story both made selfish decisions, which would have ruined their marriage if it was not for Godís grace.


Application: Despite the obviously big failure on the part of both Adam and Eve the relationship was not a failure. God intervened in Genesis 3:21 and not only provided redemption for their souls through Jesus Christ, but redemption of their marriage through His grace as well. If two people in a relationship do not quit the relationship through divorce or some other means then the relationship is not a failure no matter what kind of mistakes have been made. Any relationship is sure to succeed if both people respond correctly to God, no matter how big the mistake may have been.


When I look at the story of Adam and Eve, I see an important truth that needs to be understood and which is vital in my ability to be a testimony for Christ and a servant of all who I may interrelate with in the future. It is interesting to note that Adam Did not name his wife Eve until after both had sinned and been exiled from the garden, Genesis 3:20. Before this time Eve was simply known as Adamís wife. Obviously the relationship between Adam and Eve was much closer before the fall, there was in a sense less of a distinction between the two as individuals and more of the concept of both being one flesh. In other words relationships take work, and the reason that this is so is because we are all sinners. Although God forgave them of their sins, Adam and Eve still had to face the law of reaping what you sow. Never again would Adam and Eve have a perfect relationship and therefore they would not be as close to each other. The more work you put into a relationship the better it will be, but it can never be perfect not in this lifetime.



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